As students of JC Best Schools International, we are all being pressurized daily in order to become the best in-spite of all odds. A lot of people have not learnt how to utilize the high pressure to their advantage. What distinguishes you as a true hardworking student, is your ability to utilize stress to your advantage.

     As the Director of JC Best Schools International will always say: “High pressure, high performance”. Yes, a lot of students have debated on this, saying constantly, but in the real sense, it is in the hands of the students; whether or not to make efficient use of the pressure. We all have fallen into a trap of using the excuse of too much pressure to back up our failure, but that should not be the case.

       Efficient using of time can help you utilize stress to your advantage. Every minute matters in life. A minute can make you answer that one question that will take you from B2 to A1. I can vividly remember how, Madam Biology always tells us What, one mark can do for a person. As an erudite student, you should always be found doing the right things at the right time.

       Avoid distractions because; distraction is an agent of failure and defeat. Always keep your mind focused on your end goal. Trust me, if you want to get that 350 score in JAMB, you need to remain focused. Distractions may come in form of bad friends. A popular adage which says: “Bad company corrupts good manners”, explains this enough.

       Sleep when you are tired or when it is mandatory, in order to avoid falling sick. Yes, it is true that studying hard will help you, but it is a foolish act to read throughout the night and sleep while classes are going on. Remember that, your brain needs rest, working extra hard is very good but taking a break won’t kill. Note that, all works and no play will make you a dull person.

        Make a daily schedule and follow it dutifully. Don’t forget to live an organized life, because; it will help you stand out among your peers. Another thing you should do is, to avoid procrastination, procrastination is a very bad habit that has made a lot of people not go far in life. In order for you to come out as an outstanding student, you must do away with procrastination.

        Finally, pray daily to God for strength and grace to utilize the stress of school to your favor. I want you to know that, it will not be easy but once you put your mind on anything, you will definitely achieve it. Remember CONSISTENCY IS ONE OF THE KEYS TO SUCCESS.


Joseph Deborah (HEAD GIRL- 2021/2022 CLASS)


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