Creche/ Nursery School

We believe that the Early Years phase of education is vitally important and determines the future development of each of our children. It is important that their individual needs are identified through observation and documentation of their interests, development and progress. Curriculum goals are met through the co-construction of knowledge, where children and adults learn from and teach one another. With this vital support, children grow to feel confident, secured and empowered, and with positive traits, their high self-esteem becomes an important prerequisite for effective learning.

Children's learning occurs and is enhanced through their interactions with our properly trained crew, Tele-DVD Tutorial Support Programs, space and resources, and how they learn best is through play and observation, which are children's 'work'. For OPTIMAL children's learning and development, our Nursery at JC Best Schools is structured as ‘Early Learning Goals’

These goals are used as frameworks for learning and the four (4) areas of learning promoted are:

  • Communication, language and literacy
  • Mathematical development
  • Knowledge and understanding of the world
  • Creative development

Our Primary

JC Best Schools actively embrace the Core Values of BEST; we aim to make the PRIMARY School a joyful and exciting place to be where tuition will be of the highest quality and delivery par-excellent! The environment, outstanding personnel and the facilities of the School foster a warm and productive learning atmosphere.

We seek to develop a lifelong love of learning through the provision of a stimulating and enriched curriculum that is strong in our core subject areas and enriched through international relevant inputs. Our new Curriculum Framework provides the global learning platform, together with the many special features that make schooling here quite distinctive.


Our College

UK El-Bethel College is amongst the best in Abuja. She is characterized by high standards in literacy and numeracy; a rich, broad and balanced curriculum; a happy, safe and supportive atmosphere, with a strong commitment to helping all students succeed whatever their background or abilities; and they have strong relationships with parents and the community.

In this college, students are engaged by learning that develops and stretches them and excites their imagination.

They enjoy the richness of their learning - not just learning different things, but learning in many different ways: out-of-doors, through play, in small groups, through art and music, from each other, from adults other than teachers, before and after school, formally and informally, by listening, by watching, and by doing.

They take pride in their learning and want to do well.

Most importantly, at the College, there is no sense of a tension between high standards and exciting learning.

Our students have the chance to learn in a range of different ways - but all of the learning and teaching is of a high quality, and is planned and managed so that every student is supported and challenged.